Cambridge Exam Guide | Preparation for CAE

If you want the Cambridge diploma, accessing Cambridge Exam Guide | Preparation for CAE is the first step towards your success. If you are a student in France and need help with the préparation for CAE or if you study for the Cambridge diploma in any other country, here you will find the guidance you need.

Our English teachers have prepared:

  • various tips for the exam;
  • detailed reports regarding Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading;
  • useful lists, such as conversation fillers.

Since the level of English required for CAE is C1, this guideline is entirely written in English.

This way, you can practice for the exam, where all information and questions will be written in English, and all students can access the product, no matter what native language they speak.

Start the preparation for the Cambridge: Advanced exam using this guideline and there will be little other resources that you will need in order to get your Cambridge diploma. 

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Good luck!

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Cambridge Exam Guide | Preparation for CAE

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