Art brings people together

La qualité de ce devoir a été vérifiée par nos enseignants !

Essay: Art brings people together

Nous avons choisi de traiter sur cette page le deuxième sujet du BAC Anglais LV1 2014 de la session Métropole, destiné aux élèves de terminale L spécialisation langue vivante approfondie - Art brings people together. Il s'agit ici d'écrire un essai autour du thème : "Art brings people together. Discuss.", l'essai en anglais doit avoir plus de 150 mots, et le niveau de langue attendu ici est C1.


Bac 2014 - Niveau/profil: Anglais LV1 approfondie - Terminale L spécialisation LVA


Art brings people together. Discuss

Art is a way for people to express themselves and create works that can be beautiful, or that will stir a wide range of emotions. It is therefore made by people, for people, because a work of art is only powerful when shared.

There are numerous forms of art, like visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, gastronomy or even graffiti and video games. This diversity of artistic approaches on life itself comes to show that, with a bit of innovation and creativity, art can flourish even in places where nobody expects it.

The statement under discussion asserts that people from diverse groups and backgrounds can meet one another with the help of art. It ... Acheter l'accès pour lire plus

Art brings people together

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