Pembe writes in her diary about her special relationship with Elias

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Pembe writes in her diary about her special relationship with Elias

Nous avons choisi de traiter sur cette page le premier sujet d'expression écrite du BAC Anglais LV1 2014 Métropole, commun à toutes les sections, sauf la section littéraire LVA qui se trouve sur une page dédiée. Il est ici question d'écrire une entrée de journal intime à la place de Pembe. Le niveau de langue attendu ici est B1. Voici l'énoncé: Pembe writes in her diary about her special relationship with Elias (>150 words).

En plus, voici le corrigé du premier sujet de rédaction proposé au BAC Anglais LV1 de juin 2014, session Métropole. Ce corrigé a été fait spécialement pour les élèves de terminale L spécialisation LVA Anglais. Le niveau de langue attendu pour ce sujet est B2. Il s'agit d'écrire une page dans le journal intime de Pembe.

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Friday May 6th

Today started not so great, but ended wonderfully. After I had finished up my day-to-day chores, I was lucky enough to be invited again by Elias to the cinema. I had a couple of hours to prepare for our date, but I decided to keep it casual. I thought that if I wore something comfortable, I would also be able to feel natural and relaxed, which I did: a pair of long, silky pants, a light blouse and my favourite pair of flat shoes. I pinned ...

Niveau/profil: Anglais LV1 approfondie - Terminale L spécialisation LVA

Dear Diary,

This afternoon was such a perfect one! Every Friday is such a lovely day. Today, Elias took me to the cinema, and this time, we went for The Kid. Even though I have known him for several months, I cannot help being fascinated by this person. My heart rate goes faster when we are together. And yet, he makes me feel so peaceful.

How is such a thing possible? How could I hope for anything else? I know that nothing could ever be better. I did not dare to move when we were there, at the cinema. He was looking at me and probably expected ... [En lire plus]